In today’s modern economies, where the information is shared quickly and while sharing, the information develops and increases, growing division of labor and expertise led to deepening of the labor market. In the same sector, the labor that has been recruited by the companies operating in the same business line can mostly have different characteristics. Reaching the labor having the training, experience and skills considering all these differences and obtaining the optimal yield from production have become a fundamental element of competition.

Despite the growth of unemployment in the world, it is also true that there are difficulties in access to the labor having skills and qualifications demanded by the companies. As an organization that is aware of these facts, GÖÇMEN BÖREKÇİSİ demonstrates the flexibility of providing the workforce it needs from the provinces, where it operates.

For the human elements employed in our company, they are expected to be dedicated to work, aware of ethical values of the society, to consider the workplace as a family and adopt serving to the people as an honorable approach rather than performance of a duty. GÖÇMEN BÖREKÇİSİ responds to both its counterparts and employees within the framework of this approach. From time to time, our company needs workforces with different qualifications.

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